Black Adam begins filming in 2020

Shazam! has become a global phenomenon, these past few weeks, with the overwhelmingly positive responses to the film. Executive Producer Dwayne Johnson recently took to social media to discuss what this means for the future of the characters and the stories to come. He released a video thanking fans for the overall glowing reception of the film and discussed a bit of behind-the-scenes information from both before and after the making of the film:

Johnson has been championing a project for the character of Black Adam in the DC franchise for a few years now. It is something her has taken and cared for as his own on both the development side and on-screen performance. He discusses that Shazam! being so positively reviewed and widely accepted means that the gamble they took in the writer’s room lends itself to a bright future.

He discusses that the original script for Shazam! was apparently going to include Black Adam as a centric character. They felt that combining the origins of these two characters may not have been the smartest move and separated the films for the sake of quality. As he touches on in the video, the characters may have similar sources of power but have very different backstories. The DCEU, or Worlds of DC, has jumped the gun on many of their properties. It is common knowledge at this point that films like Batman V Superman and Justice League were bashed for the scatterbrained writing that stretched itself too thin when developing such a high number of characters in only a few film’s time. Unfortunately, I don’t think every DC project will have a Dwayne Johnson obsessing over the success and proper spacing out of content to ensure its value.

Johnson mentions that the filming for Black Adam will take place in 2020 and be the origin film for his take on the character. I hypothesize they will be officially colliding in the third Shazam film, as I’m sure Dr. Sivana and Mr. Mind’s battle with Zachary Levi’s boy wonder will be fast tracked for around 2022. Imagine if they give these characters the proper space they need? Say we get Black Adam’s origin film and then Shazam 2 can end in some sort of cameo or appearance with the all powerful villain, or anti-hero as The Rock so often phrases it.

I think this just lends more credence to the idea that DC is sweeping the DCEU stuff under the rug and just focusing on their individual projects going forward. The offset of endeeringingly silly, teen drama coupled with a superpowered ancient warrior seems like a mixture of crazy proportions. If the Shazam family versus Black Adam is coming, it can very easily be the large comic book team-up we have wanted from this side of the fence all along.

What excites you about the future of the DC films? Do you think a personality and image like the one Dwayne Johnson has will fit this character and universe well?

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