🎙️ Podcast #013 – Warriors Of The Wasteland

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Welcome to Bargain Binge Boys!

This podcast is an outlet from staying up to date on all the latest movies and TV. Every once and a while you have to watch something random to re-balance your Movie/TV watching abilities.

While we do briefly discuss the latest movie reviews, news and info from the website; Bargain Binge Boys is primarily a movie review and discussion podcast where the boys analyze films that they found at thrift stores, pawn shops or any place with a bargain bin.

Join us on a journey both strange and rewarding as we seek out hidden gems and forgotten trash alike!


After their holiday hiatus, the boys wind down with a fun and flamboyant take on the year 2019 in this post-apocalyptic action film ripoff of Mad Max. It’s a classy romp filled with funky costumes, terrible ADR and BBB hall of famer Fred Williamson. John and Ray wake Brandon up from his nap to discuss the Salem Witch Trials, the social media buzz behind Bird Box and the black community’s reaction to the Harry Potter franchise in this week’s Conspiracy Corner. Rest in peace to our boy Gospel!

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Starring Ray Alvarez, John Harris and Brandon Payne

@faeldaye @jsugar727 @iampvyne

Theme music by Julius Joseph @Young2Much

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