The Mandalorian Is A Better Prize Than A Boba Fett Film

Star Wars Celebration brought us many new treats, but one of the best was the information and deep dive into the world of the Disney Plus show The Mandalorian.

Many people have attached themselves to the hope for a Boba Fett standalone film in the new Star Wars production plans. I, myself, have been a huge fan of Boba Fett since about 2011 when I received a copy of the Boba Fett omnibus for Christmas. There were talks of a Boba Fett project being directed by Logan director James Mangold. Talks fizzled out, however, after the Star Wars Story films had a bit of a rocky reception. Whether or not that seems to be happening is unknown, but for those interested in that side of the Star Wars galaxy, we will be getting a similar story in the new Disney Plus show created by the magnificent John Favreau. He apparently came up with the idea back when Disney first acquired Lucasfilm. He and Dave Filoni, producer of Star Wars: The Clone Wars,  have supposedly been meeting at the ranch and talking about this film since they were each respectively working on Iron Man and Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 1.

Check out the panel from the event:

In any case, The Mandalorian may be a better consolation prize than a film directly about the world’s greatest bounty hunter. For anyone sick of hearing the same stories told over and over from different angles, this is a break from the normal course. This is the essence of the angle that Solo: A Star Wars Story could’ve captured. Rather than getting a Boba Fett story between Episodes 3 and 5, we get a whole new story that is unpredictable and doesn’t hinge on an eventual crossing of paths with a Skywalker.

Pedro Pascal, of Narcos and Game of Thrones fame, plays the lead, unnamed role of the show. He is a gunslinging bounty hunter who we were told is “lone” and “mysterious.” They obviously wish to keep the details of the main character a secret for a reason. Some speculate the Mandalorian is indeed Boba Fett while others, including Favreau, feel comfortable saying he is a new focus for the Star Wars universe. While I am one of the people who like Boba Fett way more than I should, I do believe the Star Wars universe needs to break free from that two degrees of separation anxiety they suffer from. The dark and criminal parts of the galaxy should stretch far beyond our pre-existing knowledge.

Gina Carano, martial arts fighter and actor known for her role in films like Deadpool and Haywire, plays an ex-rebel shock trooper. Her story seems like it can go in an interesting direction. The implications of someone trying to return to civilian life after some time spent in combat is something Marvel’s Punisher series took a brave stab at. I think it is clear that we will get some pretty intense fighting and stunts from the character considering Carano’s background and training, which is very promising in my head.

The third and final actor we heard from was Carl Weathers, the legendary action star from films like Predator and Rocky. Weathers plays the leader of a bounty hunter squad. He seems to be the one who brings the Mandalorian his season arc in the form of an acquisition request.

No matter what happens with this show, the budget, cast and crew are all top notch performers with a bevy of successful projects under their belt. Best case scenario we get the thing so many have waited for since Boba slipped into the sarlacc pit; worst case scenario we get some dope western gunfights. Finally, a Star Wars arc without force powers and lightsabers.

The production value of the footage looks pretty incredible. The set pieces and costume work is A1, much like the rest of the new Disney Plus high budgeted TV shows. The directing team will also include the likes of Bryce Dallas Howard and Thor: Ragnorak director Taika Waititi. All in all, it looks super promising and will be a treat for everyone watching. The Mandalorian is out on the app November 12th, 2019. I’m just mad I don’t get one of those posters.

What news are you most excited about from Star Wars Celebration?

One thought on “The Mandalorian Is A Better Prize Than A Boba Fett Film

  1. This looks incredible. I hate signing up for stream services for one show though. Like CBS with Twighligt Zone. If Disney releases every episode of Boy Meets World with Disney+ then I’ll pay the monthly.

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