After the hype dies, is Bird Box a good film?

Is Bird Box really as great as people make it seem? Now that the hype surrounding the film has died down a bit, I figured I touch on it. Bird Box is your classic monster movie where the cast is picked off one by one. It isn’t scary at all but a lot of movie was placed in it. The concept is one that is different I guess and in theory should work as a pretty interesting film. Overall, it isn’t much more than an interesting concept. Sandra Bullock rolls out some pretty great acting but that’s about it. It’s worth checking out, but it’s not that great honestly.

Spoilers for Bird Box going forward:

Bird Box is another movie that social media latched onto from the Netflix Original film catalog. So much so that I didn’t even watch it when it was plastered everywhere cause I felt like a had pieced together the plot. Aside from Netflix paying people to meme their movie, it got a lot of praise for it being a new idea in a done to death monster horror genre. I ended up watching it way late, but honestly I didn’t think it was as epic as people made it seem. The story is pretty cut and dry. Sandra Bullock is an artsy, tough single woman who is pregnant. She broke up with some dude that wasn’t treating her right and we are literally told all of this in the most awkward and unnatural conversation in the whole movie. Sarah Paulson plays her sister who takes her to a doctor’s appointment while there’s a weird epidemic of mass suicides being reported on in Russia. While there, the epidemic hits their town and the movie becomes a mad dash from that point on. A lot of the mass panic stuff is well done.

Essentially there are these creatures walking around that are invisible unless you look directly at them. Doing so, however, causes you to commit suicide. Sarah Paulson steps into traffic, and people calmly just walk into fire like that lil dog boy from Us. Sandra Bullock finds a home of some wildly diverse characters. All of which meet some crazy fate. BD Wong bashes his own head in after trying to see the monsters on camera. John Malkovich is in this movie which is freaking great. Dude takes it so serious man, he’s awesome. Essentially, they get picked off in different scenarios. Lil Rel is actually killed by a man who saw the monsters and didn’t die. There is a small group of people who actually survive but turn into maniacs. Seeing him go was sad cause he was honestly one of the best parts. He played this weird dude writing an apocalyptic novel based on religious research.

They do some creative stuff to get around without looking. They use blindfolds, strings and ropes to navigate paths they’ve already walked and there’s a scene where the drive only using the GPS monitor. Sandra Bullock ends up being the last adult survivor with her son who she gives birth to and a daughter who one of the other characters gives birth. The mom is killed when they let one of the maniac dudes into the house accidentally. It ends with their journey down the river to a safe camp. Sandra learns to be a loving mother and the kids learn to be happy and playful despite all they’ve been through. Her character definitely has an arc. The acting isn’t so bad and the cast is pretty stacked. It even has Machine Gun Kelly in there taking a break from yelling on beats. Overall the film is aggressively just fine.

To keep things in the same vein as monster movies based on your senses, John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place is a fantastic and minimal horror chalk-full of great character moments.

Did you think Bird Box lived up to the huge social media hype? What other films let you down after seeing them?

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