Have the Disney+ and Phase 4 film announcements spoiled Endgame?

Marvel has been making some big budget moves for the upcoming Disney Plus streaming service. They’ve recently announced some very excited television shows in the making. It makes you wonder if they’re just purposely trying to snuff out the life left in DC’s television runs. I mean, how am I even able to care about Titans when actual MCU actors and characters are popping up on the side venture projects? How will these MCU connected shows affect the Phases of the Marvel films going forward, and is the announcement of them before the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame a smart move?

It was recently announced that Disney Plus will see the launch of a few television shows that take place firmly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Furthermore, some of our favorite characters will be the focus of these shows with the Hollywood actors that popularized them reprising their roles. Disney seems to be throwing their massive amounts of cash at the streaming service and it seems to be a pretty exciting venture. The question, though, is what will this mean for the MCU’s future?

Vision and Scarlet Witch are two beloved characters within recent MCU filmography. The performances by Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olson really make for a believable love story during one of the most epic segments of the MCU storyline. However, some feel as if we have not seen enough of their relationship for it to feel complete. Going from their tension and interactions in Captain America: Civil War to their full on love story that had developed off screen in Avengers: Infinity War, many feel we missed a lot of their deeper connection and development. Marvel has heard your cries and has put into production a show centered around the couple for the app. We will get to see their relationship build seemingly post-Endgame. To be honest though, these show announcements have given fans a bit of confusion. Why announce a show for two characters who should be dead at the moment?

Similarly, I felt the Peter centric trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home took so much of the gravity out of “The Snap.” Of course, we all know everyone who was dusted isn’t gone for good, but why not market it that way? I understand the need to advertise in an effective time-frame, but the Spider-Man trailer could have easily been Mysterio centric with a big question mark as to what is Peter’s fate. Then, after Endgame, you go all in with a full on Peter trailer. The same can be said for the Disney Plus announcements being made the week before Endgame. It just seems like a missed opportunity to build mystique.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m excited for the Disney Plus shows and will definitely be watching them as soon as possible. It is just that Loki, who was killed at the hands of Thanos, is also going on some new adventures which telegraphs his Endgame survival. I am willing to eat my words on this. Maybe these shows take place before Endgame. Maybe Loki’s shows is about taking over the throne while Thor was on earth with the Avengers. Maybe Vision and Scarlet Witch’s show will chronicle their secret love affair leading up to the events of Infinity War. Maybe Peter’s Europe vacation takes place right after stopping the Vulture. I can’t see, however, how the Falcon and Winter Soldier show is anything but post-Endgame. They only began to work together in Civil War and Bucky has been in Wakanda while Sam and Cap were in hiding. I’m sure there is a chance they hung out in between somewhere, but I just don’t know. It feels like they are clearly saying Peter, Loki, Wanda, Viz, Bucky and Sam are all gonna be fine after Endgame.

In any case, none of this makes me less hype for Avengers: Endgame. I know in the social media age there is little to no surprises in film appearances and casting, but I just think small things like not showing Peter in the first trailer or holding the Marvel show announcements two more weeks could at least preserve some form of intrigue for the big film. Everyone just needs to take the Chadwick Boseman approach and answer all MCU questions with “I’m dead.”

Where do you think the new shows fall in the MCU timeline? Would you prefer a more secretive roll out considering the circumstances?

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