Justice League vs The Fatal Five is the JLA film we wanted

Today marked the DVD and Blu-Ray release of DC’s most recent animated film Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five. The film centers around a hero named Star Boy, from the Legion of Superheroes, who travels from the 31st century to stop a group of high tec villains from leveling Metropolis. The villain group, known as The Fatal Five, are in search of “The Limelight.” With the help of their time traveling friend, can the Justice League defeat forces of which they’ve never encountered?

The film is a great breathe of fresh air when it comes to the modern comic film genre. The ideas seem unique compared to the recent team-up and origin films that fans have been given over the past few years. The DC Animated Universe always tells complex stories in a simple and satisfactory manner, and this movie is no exception. It mixes new elements into a throwback to the old Justice League animated series storyline. The film is directed by Sam Lui, frequent DCAU Director, and features most of the original Justice League voice actors reprising their legendary roles. The movie carries a message of bravery and tells us we can be super, even when we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. The film is a fantastic watch with that signature DC Animation art style of old.

Spoilers below for Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five:

What do you do when evil no-gooders are on their way to the past to wreak havoc? Jump aboard their vessel, of course. Justice League Vs. The Fatal Five is about a futuristic hero who does just that. Star Boy, a member of the Legion of Superheroes, travels to the past and lands firmly in the time of the original Justice League animated series. Our main character is a young and brave hero when on his meds, but withdrawal has caused him to lose his memory as well as control of his mind. He crosses paths with the Justice League after crash landing in Gotham and is taken to Arkham by Batman, played once again by Kevin Conroy.

Over the course of the film, we see some meaningful introductions to each member of the team. Wonder Woman gives some words of encouragement to Jessica Cruz, the new teenage Green Lantern stepping up in Jon Stewart’s absence. Cruz is struggling with being a hero and doesn’t wanna be a part of the Justice League because of her fear and self-doubt. Superman and Mr. Terrific intercept the spacecraft of the Fatal Five and get into a scuffle with the villainous foes. We also see that Miss Martian is being trained for League membership by Batman while Martian manhunter is off-world.

The movie leads to a story self-love and confidence for Green Lantern, acceptance for Miss Martian and reacquisition of hero status for Star Boy, who sacrifices his own life to save the people of modern Earth. The film overall holds up to the high standard set within the DC Animated Universe and properly introduces each returning and new character to the audience in a well paced and logical manner. It just may be the Justice League movie that filmgoers had been hoping for back in 2017.

The DVD and Blu-Ray disc also includes a special look at DC’s upcoming animated film Batman: Hush, based on the graphic novel by Jeph Loeb. The film takes a step back into the modern iteration of the animated characters with Jason O’Mara returning as The Batman. The film will include every member of Batman’s rogues gallery and is one of the most ambitious and largely casted DC animated films in the past few years. Batman: Hush is set to be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2019.

What is your favorite DC animated film? Are you excited about any upcoming comic book movies?

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