3 Netflix Original Movies with an interesting concept

Unicorn Store

An unorthodox film in many ways, Unicorn Store follows a young artist named Kit who never really grew up for her childhood ways. She still holds that innocent and sense of wonder so many people lose as the grow and face the troubles of this world. While trying to take a stab at adulthood by stepping out into a new corporate job, she faces some family issues and workplace drama. To top it all off, she was been invited to be the proud new owner of her very own real live Unicorn. Brie Larson plays the lead role as an emotional, but passionate kid at heart just looking for her dream.

It is also her directorial debut as she reunites with fellow Captain Marvel star Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson’s performance as The Salesman is one that stands out in personality while bringing that larger than life quality he carries in so many of his films. Alongside the two are some smaller, yet superbly acted roles from Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford (The West Wing and Get Out). The film’s most likeable character, however, is a convenience store stock boy played by The Get Down actor Mamoudou Athie.

The film is a lot of fun with some rather interesting twists. It explores the feeling of reaching back into your past for that one childhood dream you never pursued. Not the attainable dream, but the silly, over-the-moon dream.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Every artist paints with the hope that their art will touch people. This movie is about just that, literally. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as an art critic who, alongside Zawe Ashton and Rene Russo, discover the paintings of a deceased, shut-in. Taking this art has more repercussions than they are ready for. The film is a thriller with absolutely shocking turns in the tuck.

Gyllenhaal returns to the side of Dan Gilroy, writer and director of their 2014 masterpiece Nightcrawler. The duo finds a way do bring another chilling and disturbing story to the screen with the help of a little Netflix money. The film also stars Toni Collette, fresh off of her award worthy performance in Hereditary. Other stars include John freaking  Malkovich and Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer.

The film has some seriously mixed reviews, but is honestly one of the most interesting concepts for a horror-thriller in quite some time. Enter with an open mind and allow yourself to be entertained. Kudos to the powers that be for taking a chance on this strange premise.

Triple Frontier

If the mediocre reviews on Triple Frontier have caused you to dismiss it as a typical heist movie, I suggest checking it out for yourself. All of the “building a team for one last job” cliches rap up in the first act of the film and it quickly moves into something quite different. Rather than a look at some badass dudes pulling off a huge job, Triple Frontier is more of an analysis of what this type of work can do to your life, relationships and mental state. The film is more about the uncalculated dangers and improvisation that may come when a job goes the unplanned route. What lines are people willing to cross? What rules are they willing to compromise on?

The star studded cast includes Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam and Oscar Isaac playing some pretty grey characters, morally. Pedro Pascal and Garrett Hedlund round out the team as the boys deal with more of an uphill battle than they had anticipated for their last hurrah.

The film has its faults and is not a masterpiece, by any means. If heist movies excite you, however, this one is a thoroughly entertaining story that may subvert many of your expectations.

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