What cool moments could Endgame have in store?

As Avengers: Endgame approaches, many theories, leaks, set photos and predictions are being thrown around at every turn. So much so that I’m trying to stay off of all social media apps until I see the movie. I’m willing to bet, though, I open Instagram the day before and see a grainy cell phone picture of Cap’s lifeless body laying at the feet of Thanos.

With Marvel’s 21 film journey reaching a major story conclusion, fans are excited to see how the Avengers close the book on the first 3 phases of the MCU. Here are a few things that I think would be cool to see in the big conclusion:

Time Travel Alternative

The running consensus seems to be that there will be some type of time travel in the film. Whether it be with the Time Stone, the Kree memory rewinder thing from Captain Marvel, or the time vortexes Hope’s mother warns Scott about in Ant Man & The Wasp. First off, I just wanna say I hope it’s not time travel. I know people have supposedly seen set photos of old Captain America sets and even set pieces and costumes from the New York fight in the first Avengers, but time travel seems so cheap to me. I don’t doubt the Russos will make me eat my words, but I had hoped for one of the weirder dimension travel or soul gem theories to be true. In any case, I don’t doubt they’ll avoid the normal tropes and pitfalls of a time travel plot. I don’t think Marvel will bet the pot on an X-Men style “control alt delete.”

Yellow Jacket

After imploding due to the same weird quantum mechanics that caused Scott and Janet to go subatomic, I feel like Yellow Jacket might still be in the Quantum Realm. The chance we see him again is extremely low. Nonetheless, it’d be cool even as a quick fight scene similar to Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War. The actor that played him is great. Go watch House of Cards.


He didn’t get dusted. We see him walking the fields as the Wakandan soldiers perish all around him. That being said, all of these movie posters and character pictures from Marvel’s Instagram exclude him. Winston Duke is great in Black Panther and shows his range as he plays a completely different type of role in Jordan Peele’s Us. I hope his absence in the promotional material doesn’t mean he’s gone from the film. And where the hell was W’Kabi and his Rhinos, man? That could’ve been a game changer.

Ultron 8

Every since Avengers: Age of Ultron, I’ve been hoping there was an Ultron bot still out there surviving. After reading the graphic novel Old Man Logan, I really took to the idea of a loose Ultron just barely hanging on and not focused on any sinister plot. He’s just walking around in a hawaiian and cargos. Maybe he has some deep wisdom to bestow on a near death Tony Stark in space.

Leader and Abomination

I think it is safe to say we will get Hulk back in this movie, but I would love to get some other Hulk characters as well. It’s always dope to see Thunderbolt Ross acting like he has power over the superheroes. You gotta just drop your hand on that dude’s shoulder like Bane did Ben Mendelsohn before snapping his neck. I would love to see Leader or Abomination return to the MCU. We haven’t seen either of them since Ed Norton’s Incredible Hulk so I’d say it is a 0% chance, but I can dream can’t I? Besides, I think I read somewhere that Age of Ultron’s opening forest fight was supposed to have Abomination running around in it. The MCU could use some more Tim Roth.


If we go the time travel route, I’d love to see Quicksilver again. Who cares if he’s in the X-Men franchise too, man. Bring him back. If Hawkeye’s baby is dead, I say we trade one Pietro for the other.


Enough time has passed between Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame for Akira Akbar’s Monica Rambeau to be a fully grown woman. She is Carol Danvers niece, no relation, in Captain Marvel and has a comic book story of becoming a superheroine by the name of Spectrum. She even lead the Avengers team back in the 1980’s. That might be a cool opportunity to bring in some new blood.

Iron Lad

Harley Keener, the young boy Tony outfitted with some next level tech in the movie Iron Man 3, has been sitting in that garage for 6 years now. Just tinkering away on some new digs. Sure, he is not the comic accurate character for the Iron Lad mantle, but the movies are their own lane. Many assume we will eventually see Riri Williams hop into the MCU as Ironheart, but who is to say we can’t get both?

The Swordsman

Hawkeye had a mentor in the comics by the name of the Swordsman. He was a member of the Avengers in some of the earliest iterations of the team. It is no secret we get Jeremy Renner’s transformation to Ronin in this film and what better way to explain his new found swordplay abilities than bringing his mentor in as the man who gave him guidance when all was lost after “The Snap.”

A Dark Cold-Open

Speaking of Hawkeye, I have an idea for the movie’s cold open. It is a happy family morning at the Barton household. It’s breakfast and Clint is just being a dad. He’s talking to his kids over a nice warm plate of waffles when, suddenly, his wife disappears. The maple syrup bottle she was holding explodes on the floor tiles. The kids start freaking out. Clint freezes and turns to his daughter. She walks over to pick up the baby and all of the children slowly begin to disintegrate. Smash cut to Clint in Tokyo, or wherever, just cutting these boys up to let that rage out. I want something like the Bruce Wayne opening in Batman V Superman. Say what you will about that movie, they killed that opener. I almost thought I was about to watch the best movie ever.

Thanos Lives

One theory I saw online made me wish it was real. Essentially the guy said he hopes it opens years after the snap and the Thanos plan worked. The people are thriving and resources are in abundance. Then the Avengers look like the selfish bad guys who want to make the world a worse place just to save their friends. There’s no way they will do that large of a time jump, but that would be so dark. Cap is just like, “I know your child is well fed, but I miss Bucky.”

More Focus on Rocket

Smaller things I hope for include more character development for Rocket. We know he was ripped apart and put back together over and over again, but why and how? For anyone not reading the comics, his story is a mystery. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 expanded on some of his insecurities and personality traits, but I’d love to dive deeper into why he grew to care so much for Groot.

Somebody Should Stay Dead

Some finality in a death from Avengers: Infinity War, like maybe Gamora, would be great. It just seems like undoing everything in Endgame will make Infinity War less impactful upon rewatching the film later on down the line. Unless you go back and say, wow this is the last time we saw Gamora and Heimdall.

Who Kills Thanos?

Nebula makes the most sense for the killing of Thanos. Sure arguments can be made for Tony, Drax and Thor, but I think the one who has been tortured the most is Nebula. That being said, him living afterwards in some galactic prison could be awesome. Maybe a future cameo down the line? Who knows.

Stan Lee’s Final Cameo

I think he has been confirmed for one last cameo. If so, I kind of hope it is a meaningful one. Maybe he has a line that sparks the fire for revenge in Cap’s heart or is the voice of reason for a character turning point. Regardless, just seeing his last cameo will touch the heart.

Death & The Stones

I think Steve will die while Tony survives despite serious damage to either his body or mental state. Him losing that arm he’s been having trouble with might be interesting. I think it’s a safe bet that Thanos dies and everything is reversed using the Quantum tech in Scott’s van. Maybe the Hulk in Wakanda stuff from Infinity War’s trailer is actual footage from Endgame. They go back and redo the Wakanda battle with Bruce in control of his other half. I also think the stones will be destroyed, but I hope they keep one alive for The Collector. That dude has been through it.

Needless to say, I’m excited for Endgame and so is literally everyone else. I’m sure everything will be fine and Peter can take his crush to Europe for a fight with the Prince of Persia. No recommendations for this one besides the 20 films that proceed it, I suppose. Avengers: Endgame opens this week. Hopefully, you got your tickets ahead of time.

What do you hope to see in Avengers: Endgame? Do you think Thanos will make it out alive?

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