3 Amazon Prime originals worth your time

Amazon Prime has been funding big projects like the critically acclaimed Jack Ryan series, starring John Krasinski, and of course their flagship show The Man In High Castle. They’ve even stepped into the original movie game with the recent release of Donald Glover’s Guava Island. There are a few other original shows they have available for streaming that are truly worthy of a watch party. Here are three short properties on the platform for you to check out:

The Tick

Amazon’s first foray into the world of superheroes begins with The Tick. Based on the comic book character from Ben Edlund, the show is about a goofy and campy hero with super strength. He and his Moth sidekick fight evildoers and naysayers in a truly strange and wacky journey. The show is a bit nuts and the CGI tends to match the silly tone, but it is a great time and honestly something to marvel at. No pun intended. Peter Serafinowicz stars as the blue bulk fresh off of his Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 role.


It doesn’t get more unlucky or unlikely than John Lakeman. A musician turned spy is given a simple job for his father’s organization. Take a duffle bag of cash from one place to another. Easiest thing in the world, right? Patriot is a story of someone constantly being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It blurs the lines of Crime Drama and Dark Comedy with every insane decision Lakeman makes. The show is two seasons and both are up for streaming. It’s a wild ride that’ll stress you the heck out. Michael Dorman and Kurtwood Smith gives convincing performances. You won’t wanna miss this one.

Mad Dogs

A short, one season series chronicling a guys’ trip to Belize that goes so incredibly wrong. Four friends visit their old buddy’s beach house and have to do some things they will never be able to take back. The cast includes Billy Zane, Romany Malco and Steve Zahn. It is a dark and unexpected journey in a foreign land that will send you to the edge of your seat. The arc is only 10 episodes long and really is worth the time spent. The show is a remake of a UK version with the same name. It’s a heavy one.

Which Amazon Originals are your favorite?

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