5 Can’t Miss Movies and TV shows – Week of May 6th

Here on Binge Sequence we will be giving a weekly updated list of titles that should be prioritized. A top 5 of sorts. The purpose of the list is to steer each other in the right direction.

Week of May 6th – What to Watch:


HBO is releasing a limited series based on the Chernobyl nuclear reactor incident. The series covers the lead up to the event as well as follows the man who presumably saw it coming.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

This week is the premiere of the first ever live action Pokemon film. A Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds, a reluctant partner played by Justice Smith and a whole lot of Pocket Monster shenanigans. The first video game based movie in years to have mostly positive reviews is dropping by to revitalize our childhood and strike our hearts with nostalgia.

Long Shot

What is, at first glance, just an “opposites attract” romcom seems to have a genuinely promising story built in. Seth Rogan charms as the unlikely mate for Charlize Theron’s female POTUS. Who better to trust with your laughter than the Rogan crew?

Avengers: Endgame

I don’t have to tell you to watch the movie with the biggest box office opening in history. You should know to have already gone and see the movie. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? If you have seen it, go again.

Sneaky Pete

A new season of Amazon’s original show Sneaky Pete is on its way. The show centers around Giovanni Ribisi’s Marius, a con man getting out of prison. In order to start fresh he steals the identity of his cellmate, Pete. As fate would have it, Pete’s identity isn’t as squeaky clean as he had hoped.

What else are you watching this week?

Movies, Shows and other must watch items can stay on the list for up to 4 weeks! Other titles may just appear for a week or two! Thanks for stopping by and remember add your recommendations in the comments below and subscribe to Binge Sequence to see what makes next week’s must watch list.

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