Defenders: The Movie could’ve been the answer

Everyone knows that Netflix and Marvel’s partnership is at its end. Many fans are less than satisfied that the shows will not be returning, considering the prospects each finale put forth for another season.

Iron Fist was the first to go. After a much stronger second season, the show was officially cancelled by Netflix. It was the lowest rated show of the bunch, so it did not come as a huge surprise. However, the finale left the characters in some pretty interesting and uncharted places to pick up on. Ward and Danny were overseas shaking down criminal organizations and Danny had found some way to re-activate his fist and channel it through pistols. I know that sounds absurd, but I was hype for the future. It was a call back to Orson Randall, a comic book version of the Iron Fist who channeled his power into guns that fired chi bullets. If that isn’t enough, Colleen had her own white glowing fist that she channels through her sword.

Luke Cage was next on the chopping block despite wrapping up a fantastic season with Maria Stokes and Bushmaster. The show ended with the wicked witch’s demise at the hands of her daughter, Nightshade. It set up an interesting story with Luke taking over the club and essentially becoming a crime boss and calling a truce with Bushmaster. Shades was taken in and all of the characters were placed at odds. Luke wasn’t even in the good graces of Misty or Claire anymore. This cancellation was a bit more shocking and started a buzz about the future fate of our street level Defenders.

The biggest shock and the final blow came in the form of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen getting the boot, shortly after his third and best season. Daredevil ended with Nelson & Murdock reforming and adding Karen Page to the fold for their future business ventures in law and order. Kingpin broke Bullseye’s back, leading to an enhancement surgery for the assassin’s spine. It left people wondering about a true Bullseye arc next time. Let’s not forget them teasing Stone back in Season 1 also. That plot point never came back into the light either. The cancellation announcement assured fans that Frank and Jessica would be close behind.

Punisher was officially cancelled in late February and Jessica Jones will drop it’s third and probable last season later this year. Part of me hopes all of our heroes get small cameos toward the end of this season, but I’m certain that won’t happen. I think Marvel could’ve greenlit one last project for the fans. It wouldn’t take much, we don’t need another full show like The Defenders. However, they could’ve simply made a Netflix original movie with all of our characters taking on one last threat.

Defenders: The Movie could have been an interesting throwback to team up comics that pitted our heroes against a collection of their villains working in unison. Bullseye can be gunning for Matt while Karen and Foggy are staying at Harlem’s Paradise under Luke’s protection. Colleen and Misty can be investigating Joy, who has called everyone together in an attempt to get rid of these vigilantes once and for all. Maybe Jessica will have to face off again her good friend Hellcat. Frank wouldn’t need to be involved directly since his arc is very separate, but maybe he can be called in by Karen for the final fight. It is doubtful we will see our Netflix heroes again. Most of the props for the shows are up for auction, so they definitely have no plans for continuing these stories. Netflix’s statement on the matter was that Marvel would be using these characters again in the future. Possibly in reboots or films, we will get the street level fights back. Maybe, after the second Snap. I know there are probably tons of politics involved, but one last battle could’ve solved everything. The fans could have gotten a true conclusion to their favorite heroes, Marvel could have pulled the plug right after that movie and been done with the Netflix deal, and the actors would have gotten one last chance to dwell in their beloved roles. It is all business at the end of the day. I just wish they had found a way to tie everything up before moving on to new ventures.

Who was your favorite Defender? Which actor would you like to see placed into the MCU films?

One thought on “Defenders: The Movie could’ve been the answer

  1. The defenders movie could have been them having to come together moments after the first snap and deal with the disaster, heart break and tragedy at a grounded level in NY and then having to deal with small time criminals still committing crimes at a time like that. That show would have been crazy emotional.


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