I Am Mother trailer and the effect of spoiler-filled previews

Netflix is releasing its new technology horror I Am Mother this June. If films about the dangers of future-tech tickle your fancy, this movie seems to tick most of those boxes. Hilary Swank and the voice of Rose Byrne bring this film to life. Check out the trailer below:

Despite looking like a moderately entertaining rehash of a commonly used concept, the film’s trailer gives you a good chunk of the story from seemingly each act. The story centers around an embryo who is created and raised by a robot with access to high functioning technology. The caring robot shelters her human daughter from the outside apocalypse. Her motherhood is called into question, though, when someone from the outside enters the lab. This stranger’s arrival and existence challenges the mother-daughter relationship. People exist outside? Was it all a lie? In any case, the robot goes rogue and the love turns creepy and murderous.

Ex Machina meets 10 Cloverfield Lane is what comes to mind. It looks well-funded and good for a late night movie that doesn’t require much thinking. Unless there is a third twist up their sleeve, however, this is gonna be a pretty straightforward one. Hilary Swank hops in for her “Sandra Bullock Bird Box” opportunity. Rose Byrne voices Mother, the robot in question. Clara Rugaard is the film’s main character as the robot’s daughter. If I were to guess as to another big reveal it would be that Swank is a previous embryo that got out. I make that guess because of how similar the two characters look. I had assumed Rugaard was a young Swank before she popped up in the trailer.

Whether that prediction pans out or not, these long previews always leave very little to discover as a viewer. Beyond teasers, I tend to avoid trailers nowadays. Studios would rather fully lay out a plot rather than risk ambiguity. Avengers: Endgame was one of the few films of its size to have a trailer composed of footage mainly from the film’s first act. This can be attributed to the movie projecting to be the greatest box office smash due to ten years of build up. Smaller movies fear taking such a risk for a one-off, small scale film. Casual moviegoers aren’t the type to leap into something without expectation. Just plug your ears next time you are in a theater, someone can tap your shoulder when the film starts.

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