Black Mirror Season 5 goes even more pop

Today, Netflix released its Season 5 trailer for their smash hit series Black Mirror. Check out the trailer below:

Black Mirror was the new Twilight Zone before Jordan Peele’s reboot launched. It was a big pick-up for Netflix after two seasons on British television. Season 3, with Netflix, brought along some more US pop culture references and American actors to boot. The quality of the show remained pretty high and much like other shows acquired by Netflix, it began to grow a much larger fanbase. Season 4 of the show upped the budget and production quality with more in-depth and particularly expensive looking episodes like the Star Trek influenced USS Calister.

This time around, the show is going even higher profile and recognizable with cast. Marvel Cinematic Universe star Anthony Mackie and world famous pop star Miley Cyrus are both joining the team. We even get a glimpse of a long-haired Topher Grace in his resurgence after a great performance in the Spike Lee joint BlacKKKlansman.

Despite writing the story for the interactive Bandersnatch, show creator Charlie Booker is not credited with any writing on the new season. He is still listed as a producer, though. That being said, the show has not lost its UK roots completely. Sherlock star Andrew Scott will seemingly be leading an arc this season. They’ve even shrunk the number of episodes down to three, mirroring the show’s first season back in 2011.

Whether or not this is a comparable season that holds true to what made the seasons of the past special, one thing is for certain. Everyone will be watching.

Are you excited for Season 5? What is your favorite Black Mirror episode?

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