Do all signs point to an unsatisfying conclusion for Game Of Thrones?

Game Of Thrones ends tomorrow with the show’s season eight and series finale airing on HBO. Many people have felt like the show has taken a bit of a dive in quality this last go around. A lot of the push-back comes from the story’s conclusion feeling rushed. Check out the promo for the final episode of the series:

The reaction to last week’s episode five was mixed and luke warm. Many felt the epic story beats, but couldn’t help but feel like they were unwarranted and a bit unearned. The writers turning away from years of character development seems to be what most people are disappointed with. Jamie Lannister spent that last two seasons turning his back on Cersai. He has been showing he is not a bad man, but just in love with a bad woman. His conscience gets the better of him when he jumps ship to aid his brother. He then turns back around stating he would’ve murdered innocent children and families for his sister and never cared about the innocent people she has hurt. Isn’t this the same guy who slayed the Mad King for the same type of stuff? He spends his final moments embracing the long hated Queen. Cersai herself is unprepared and delusional in her final moments as the city’s defenses are destroyed by one dragon. Who needed three? Cersai spends her final moments cowering in fear rather than standing tall until Aria, Dani, or preferably Jamie, put her down. The two met their match in a building collapse.

Dani ended up throwing away her “breaker of chains” mentality over the course of just this season as she plunged towards becoming the Mad King reincarnate. Missandei’s death and one denial sex from John sent her into a maniacal state where she rained fire on a city of slaves, innocent bystanders and surrendering soldiers. The previously honorable Grey Worm draws first blood on the unarmed men, as well. Aria even abandons her entire series arc of revenge as she reverts to a young child in a moment of clarity. I don’t think this was at all a bad concept for her character either, but it is just done so quickly that it feels false. The same can be said about Dani’s descent into madness. I can’t help but feel like all of this could have been done in a satisfactory way if the season was ten episodes long.

The upsides of the finale were John Snow and Cleganebowl. Snow, while not being able to temper the Mad Queen, essentially was the audience conduit. He was reacting the way we were while watching such a drastic change in the people around him that he just did not understand. If nothing else, the madness set the stage for a wonderfully memorable showdown between brother rivals Sandor and Gregor Clegane. The Hound finally fought The Mountain. Fans have been waiting for this forever and I don’t think it disappointed. Aside from the quick burying of Varys and the rough season of bad decisions from the show’s formerly smartest character Tyrion, the show got to tying up a lot of its loose ends in a seemingly haphazard manner. I am still curious to see how Bron will factor into all of this. Most of the anger began with the fast and easy handling of the show’s biggest threat, The Night King and his army of White Walkers. That angle of the story was handled in one episode where not very many main cast members perished. On top of that, no matter how cool it was, it came as a shock that Aria ended the fight rather than Snow. The whole Night King angle focused greatly on Snow and Bran, and it seems like the writers may have given it to Aria as a peace offering for not letting her be the one to end the Queen. Euron was a bit pointless, huh?

So what is next for the show? There have been videos flying around where many of the cast members seem to be giving less than satisfactory reactions to their character’s endings. The showrunners have even stated they will be going dark on social media and industry interviews for a while when it airs. I don’t think that is a good sign, but some of history’s greatest TV shows, Sopranos and Lost come to mind, have ended in controversial ways.

Some of the leading fan theories include Bran warging into a Dragon, John or Aria killing Dani and even Sansa (who was right this whole time) taking the throne with Tyrion by her side. I am hoping for one last conflict between Tyrion and Bron. I’d like a Grey Worm versus Jon Snow fight and some closure about what happened with the letters that Varys wrote. All I know for sure is that I will be watching with intensity this Sunday at 9pm.

Have you enjoyed Season 8, so far? What are your finale predictions?

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