Is a Batwoman show really necessary?

I watch some of the CW superhero shows, so I’m no stranger to forced social commentary and cringey line delivery. That being said, CW recently released its first look at the upcoming Batwoman TV show starring Ruby Rose. Check it out below:

Now, I understand the move. She was very popular in her CW crossover appearance and ticks a box that CW has been inching towards for a while, in that she’s a female LGBTQ superhero. It is also a big get for Ruby Rose who has done some good work in Orange Is The New Black and John Wick: Chapter 2. The question is, though, do we need another mediocre looking show set on the periphery of a Batman we never see?

Gotham ended not too long ago and was always just off of the pulse of what makes the Rogues Gallery so special. Sure, we got a glimpse of a more satisfying Gotham City in the series finale. The fact that it took a time jump and style shift to get it is reason enough to ask why in the first place. Gotham has its fanbase, though, as does the CW style of superhero shows.

Stranger than that is the upcoming Pennyworth show about the earlier life of Alfred. If rugged Alfred from Gotham wasn’t enough, you get a whole new series to enjoy. The show begins on EPIX this summer and is sure to add to that long collection DC content that is mildly interesting but seemingly unnecessary. These shows can definitely end up being something special. This is not an assumption of poor production, only a questioning of material selection. Titans, with all of its faults, ended up to be an interesting departure from its source material. These things can pan out.

A common thread in a lot of these shows is that throwing Batman under the bus seems to be their rollout. First Titans with Dick’s “F*** Batman” remark, and now this one declaring “Batman gave up on us…” I think there is an actual way to make these shows without having Bruce look like a bad dude, but I guess we won’t see that for a while.

In any case, Batwoman will be joining the CW Berlanti Family soon and will most certainly be welcomed with open arms. The plus side is that we get to see a new character fleshed out alongside a young Luke Fox. I’m game for some Batwing action.

Will you be watching Batwoman? Are you a fan of the CW comic book shows?

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