Game Of Thrones finale, last two books and future spin-offs

The finale of one of the most popular and historical TV series of all time, Game Of Thrones, has come and gone. So, what is the verdict? Did it redeem a weak season? Was it ultimately a dissapointment? The general consensus seems to be a Lukewarm response. While the finale did feel like a conclusion to the story, many felt like it was the wrong conclusion.

Spoilers for the finale below:

The Iron Throne saw a further dive into insanity for Dani. Despite capturing the city, she vowed to go on and “liberate” all of Westeros. Essentially diverting from heroic savoir in search of reclaiming the throne to mad woman yearning for world domination. Jon Snow’s lineage made fans believe he would be the rightful air to the throne, but ultimately he is cast out to the Night’s Watch again where he leaves to be with the wildlings. The throne is melted by Drogon after Jon kills Dani. He then flies away never to be seen again. Bran The Broken is elected King of the Six Kingdoms as Sansa rules as Queen in the North. His council includes Tyrion as Hand of the King, Sam as archmeister, Bron as Master of Coin, Davos as Master of Ships and Brienne as the Commander of the Kingsguard. Pod gets knighted and Aria becomes a pirate sailing to uncharted locations.

It begs the question, what could have been if the season was not so short or rushed? The general feeling seems to be that it isn’t so much what happened, but how quickly it happened. A turn to madness like Dani’s should be drawn out over a much longer season arc. The same goes for Jon’s denial inching towards realization. Jamie Lannister’s arc also took a hit due to the short season. He went from Cersai to Dani and back again simply to die under the rubble. Interesting characters like Varys, Euron and Grey Worm ended up getting less than satisfying conclusions as well. It just seems that fans feel Benioff and Weiss were in a rush to jump ship and begin production on their upcoming Star Wars project.

George R.R. Martin is still yet to release the last two books. He has made elusion to the fact he may make them mirror the show’s trajectory, but the smart thing to do may be change the ending so fans have another GoT conclusion to look forward to. Ian McElhinney, who played Barristan Selmy, was one of the more vocal members of the cast about his disappointment in the show. His character in the books had more involvement, but he was reduced to an early death in the fifth season. He is close to Martin and had claimed that he was already finished with both of the books. Martin later denied this, but the running theory is that he may be waiting for an opportune moment to release the books after the finale. No word has been officially given on the release of the two books.

The upcoming HBO prequel, with rumored titles including The Long Night and Bloodmoon, takes place long before the events of the show. It is said to chronicle the interaction of the First Men and the Children of the Forest, leading up to the creation of The Night King and White Walkers. The show may not be arriving until around 2021, though. Other parts of the finale have left fans wondering whether or not other spin-offs are in the works. A pirate’s journey surrounding Maisie Williams, as Aria, on her quest to find what is West of Westeros being the leading example.

What were your thoughts on the finale? Will you watch another show set in this universe?

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