Batman: Hush trailer holds true to the beloved novel

DC Universe’s latest animated film Batman: Hush is almost here. Last week DC released the trailer for the graphic novel turned feature length film. See it here:

Batman: Hush is one of the most popular graphic novels in the Dark Knight’s history. It details his clash with Thomas Elliot, a mastermind who goes by the name Hush. He and Bruce have some history and quite a few things in common. The novel was written by Jeph Loeb and is a collection of the Batman comic series from issues 608 to 619.

The 2002 book was colored by Alex Sinclair and became such a popular arc that other media began to adapt it in their works rather quickly. The video games Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight included Hush in minor storylines voiced by Kevin Conroy. Even Fox’s Gotham television show included a brief appearance of Hush as a young boy who bullied Bruce until he fought back.

Hush has been cut from many projects in the pre-production stages. This includes an appearance in The Lego Batman Movie, according to some concept art. Early script plans and set art also have Hush appearing in the animated series The Batman and the Legions of Gotham toy line by Kenner before being cut. He will be voiced by Maury Sterling in this centric villain role and will hopefully get some live action love in the new Batman films starring Robert Pattinson. I think making Hush and the Court of Owls the focus for the next few Batman projects would be great.

Batman: Hush will be available digitally on July 20 and physically on August 13. The DC Universe app will also be housing the film.

Who is your favorite Batman villain? Do you enjoy DC’s animated films?

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