His Dark Materials could be HBO’s next hit show

HBO released the first teaser for Season 1 of their upcoming show His Dark Materials. Check it out here:

The show is based on Philip Pullman’s novel trilogy of the same name. The first book was adapted into a movie back in 2007, starring Daniel Craig. The Golden Compass went on to receive overwhelmingly negative reviews and was sited by George R.R. Martin as the reason he never wanted Game Of Thrones to be adapted into a movie. This is a common happening with novel-based films like A Series of Unfortunate Events and Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

HBO, however, has licensed the universe traveling adventure for a series lead by Logan star Dafne Keen. She is supported by another X-Men alumni, James McAvoy, as well as leading lady Ruth Wilson (Luther and The Affair). Disney’s musical golden boy Lin-Manuel Miranda also joins the magical journey coming this year. The show is written by Jack Thorne, who is said to be penning the reboot to The Secret Garden currently in development.

I presume the show aims to distance itself from the movie adaptation and pave a new road of long lasting appreciation and fan support to fill the void being left by the absence of Game Of Thrones. This show looks fun, new and interesting. Let’s hope for the best.

Did you enjoy The Golden Compass? What other novels would you like a series adaptation for?

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