Star Trek: Picard gives us the story after the story

Star Trek: Picard is the new series on its way to CBS All Access. It is a story about an elderly Jean-Luc Picard after leaving Star Fleet. Check out the teaser below:

CBS All Access is carving out a nice little niche in programming. They created a new crew for their show Star Trek: Discovery and brought back the legendary series The Twilight Zone under the wing of modern horror-master Jordan Peele. Now they embark on some more territory that no man has embarked on before; what happened to Picard after Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Sir Patrick Stewart reprises the role of the legendary TV character that so many have followed for years. While many people had hoped the character would get a film series much like the JJ Abrams Star Trek trilogy, a better prize may be a direct sequel. The show will follow Picard after leaving Star Fleet, but all other plot details have been kept under lock and key.

The only other actors listed in casting at the moment are Allison Pill, Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera and Harry Treadaway. The shows official release date is also still a secret.

What is your favorite Star Trek series? Are you excited for Old Man Picard?

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