Terminator: Dark Fate trailer seems to promise more of the same

The trailer for the latest addition to the Terminator franchise is here. After two failed attempts at rebooting the series, with Christian Bale’s Terminator: Salvation and Emilia Clarke’s Terminator Genisys, the story has returned back to the timeline of the original films. Check it out here:

The plot is centered around a new female protagonist played by Mackenzie Davis, on her reboot cycle after being in Blade Runner 2049. She is trying to protect two humans and survive attacks from a liquid metal Terminator sent from the future, played by Ghost Rider series star Gabriel Luna. The catch is, she is actually pretty human herself. Luckily for her, she’ll have the help of the returning Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, over two decades from the time of T2: Judgement Day.

The trailer looks like a decent action flick, but ultimately does not seem to promise anything unique to the series that the last two entries did not attempt. It is great to see Linda Hamilton back in the role of Sarah Connor as well as a withered and grey Terminator played by an age-appropriate Arnold Schwarzenegger.

James Cameron returns to produce and Tim Miller (Deadpool) is in the director’s chair. That alone is cause for excitement. We may get a solid modern Terminator sequel yet.

Are you excited for another Terminator? What other franchise should return to its roots?

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