Jessica Jones Season 3 gets a release date

Netflix just dropped a release date announcement teaser for the third and final season of our brute-force, boozy detective. Check it out:

The teaser is short and sweet with one shot of the hallway leading to the door of Alias Investigations. A man knocks on the door. His voiceover calls Jessica Jones a fraud and cheater. It then threatens “no longer.” The man behind the door is a new character and presumably the final season’s villain.

Actor Matt Weiss plays the knocking man, credited as Andrew Brandt, but not many details are out on the plot of their last season. We will presumably see the return of Rachael Taylor as Patsy Walker. Maybe this season will go full Hellcat, being it is the last we will see of these characters. It can also be assumed that Eka Darville will be back as Malcolm, Jessica’s former associate who went professional at the end of last season. Of course, Krysten Ritter is back in the lead and hopefully we get some cameos from other Defenders alums like Foggy, Hogarth or Misty.

Jessica Jones had already been cancelled, alongside Punisher, earlier this year as the final nail in the coffin for Netflix’s Defenders Initiative. With Disney+ less than 200 days from launch, the monopoly has pulled back all of its properties under the Disney+ and Hulu banners. Maybe these shows can land on Hulu with their darker subject matter, but the more likely scenario is that our characters will fade away for future reboots down the line around Phases 5 or 6 of the MCU.

Jessica Jones will release June 14th on Netflix. Take one final ride with the drunken sleuth trying to recover from her bleak past.

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