‘The Swamp has had enough’ in the new Swamp Thing trailer

The DC Universe original show Swamp Thing recently put out its full official trailer. The show will follow an outbreak in Louisiana. See the trailer below:

Crystal Reed plays Abby Arcane, comic love interest of Swamp Thing. The show will center around her investigating a plant-based outbreak that is killing civilians in Louisiana. With the help of Alec Holland, played by Andy Bean, she looks into poisonous dumping in the swamp and shady scientists creating environmental concoctions with negative ramifications.

Alec Holland is one of the many Swamp Things in DC comics, but since he is here in human form it is safe to assume that the big guy in this show will start to pop up about halfway through. Maybe Alec gets offed by the shady business men while checking out the swamp. That would give the disease enough time to transform him. Derek Mears plays the titular role in the dripping drab greenery.

Swamp Thing hits the DC app tomorrow on May 31st. It looks to be a promising and frightening departure from typical comic book shows.

What unlikely comic stories would you want to see adapted into a show?

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