DC’s ‘New Gods’ movie gets a writing team

DC Comics has been in the early stages of production with a movie based on their New Gods comic series for a while now. The film recently found its co-writers in comic book writer Tom King and film director Ava DuVernay.

King is an Eisner Award winning comic writer known for many works in both Marvel and DC comics. Most notably, he is the lead writer on the current DC run for Batman. He found his love for writing while interning at both comic companies. However, after September 11th King joined the CIA’s counterterrorist unit. King went from Jack Bauer to Jack Kirby years later when he quit to pursue writing full-time.

DuVernay is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker with masterpieces like Selma, When They See Us and 13th in her lineup. She will be taking the other half of the project and most likely directing the film as well. Based on her ability to inject true drama rooted in social and mental issues, it is safe to say that New Gods will push some boundaries on the typical superhero film subject matter.

It is still early, but the Worlds of DC catalog is looking up in a big way. With films like Wonder Woman 1984 starring Gal Gadot, The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn, it is sure to be an interesting season for DC.

Are you excited for New Gods? Who is you favorite character from the series?

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