5 Can’t Miss Movies and TV Shows – Week of June 3rd

Here on Binge Sequence we will be giving a weekly updated list of titles that should be prioritized. A top 5 of sorts. The purpose of the list is to steer each other in the right direction.

Week of June 3rd – What to Watch:

Dark Phoenix

The final chapter of Fox’s X-Men Saga is upon us. The franchise takes another, more promising, stab at the Dark Phoenix storyline with Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner in the hot seat. What will the team do when their greatest threat is one of their own?

Black Mirror

The latest season of the Netflix original series Black Mirror is here. This one is only three episodes long. With stars like Topher Grace, Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie filling the leads it is sure to be a great and terrifying new collection of stories.


The loose-cannon detective is back in Idris Elba’s fifth season of Luther. The season released in the UK a few months back, but will be debuting on BBC America this week. What else can a man like this take before absolutely losing his mind?

Handmaid’s Tale

The inexplicably bleak and beautiful Hulu original series returns this week with its third season. The award winning show continues to collect supporters and thrive in the streaming market. Rebellion, revolution and change await. Lift your voices, stand your ground and recruit your allies.

Good Omens

Now is a good time to binge the Amazon Prime original 6 episode mini-series Good Omens. Legendary comic writer Neil Gaiman brings us a strangely interesting story of Armageddon, a young Satan, David Tennant as a demon and Michael Sheen as an angel.

What else are you watching this week?

Movies, Shows and other must watch items can stay on the list for up to 4 weeks! Other titles may just appear for a week or two! Thanks for stopping by and remember add your recommendations in the comments below and subscribe to Binge Sequence to see what makes next week’s must watch list.

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