Jessica Jones promo sheds light on Hellcat’s Season 3 role

Netflix released a promo for Jessica Jones season three in which they give a behind the scenes look at Krysten Ritter’s directing for the show. See it below:

The scenes we see her direct are mainly centered around Jessica’s BFF turned psycho, Trish Walker. We see her training and committing acts of street vigilantism. Season two ended with the notion that Trish gained powers from the procedure at the Doctor’s hands. We know her character has been in a mental spiral as of late. This is all a probable lead up to a Jones versus Hellcat fight in the show.

The first few shots we see is her sparring with a coach. We also get a glimpse of an alley fight scene where she takes down some street thugs. Rachael Taylor has taken the character from Patsy to pulverizer in just three seasons. It will be interesting to see how it all fits into the final season of the show.

The promo gave no hints about the story revolving around Jessica, herself, and the strange knocking man from the teaser. I guess the main focus is best left to be discovered next week. The final season of Jessica Jones hits Netflix on June 14th.

Did you enjoy Trish Walker’s season two arc? What are you most looking forward to this season?

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