Season 3 of Jessica Jones names Foolkiller its villain

After just releasing the directorial teaser, Netflix dropped the official trailer for Jessica Jones season three just hours ago. The trailer focuses on the new villain, Gregory Salinger:

The new case Jessica will be working is a hunt for a maniacal killer. To comic book fans, you may recognize Gregory Salinger to be the name of the psychotic mercenary and vigilante Foolkiller. The character has had many iterations, one of which being in a Mercs For Money duo with Deadpool. The version of Foolkiller was originally created by comic men Roger Stern and Lee Elias. The show’s take, however, seems to be a deranged murderer hiding in plain sight. It looks like he has Jeri Hogarth at his employ, which may mean a Foggy Nelson cameo. I’m sure the reason behind his madness is routed in something concrete. Maybe Jessica failed a case that resulted in a massive downward spiral in his life.

As seen in the last teaser, Trish is roaming the city as a cat burglar and street vigilante. Her and Jessica seem to be fully aware of what the other is up to without interfering at the moment. It can be assumed they understand that Foolkiller is the real threat. Jessica is getting bloodied and marked up newspaper and money that seems to be from Salinger. Malcolm also makes a few appearances, though it is unclear what his role is in the season. One will remember that he quit Alias Investigations to work for Pryce Chang at the end of season two.

The trailer looks to be taking a step back to its original style of the first season with Kilgrave. While season two was generally well received, some of the superpowered beings like Jessica’s mom and the Whizzer were a bit out of the show’s normal wavelength. The trailer is laced with a stylized red theme instead of the normal purple and seems to have Jones doing what she does best. That would be drinking, punching and investigating.

Jessica Jones season 3 is out on Netflix starting June 14th.

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