Transparent finale kills off Jeffrey Tambor in scandal aftermath

Amazon Prime original show Transparent is an award-winning staple of the early Prime Video catalog. The show has been on a brief hiatus, though, after a sexual harassment scandal involving lead actor Jeffrey Tambor. Amazon recently released the show’s teaser for its musical finale that handles the off-screen death of Tambor’s character:

The “off-screen death” is a tactic we have seen used quite a lot in recent years. Some of the most famous being Charlie Sheen’s character in Two and a Half Men, Kevin Spacey in House of Cards and Roseanne Barr in the rebooted Roseanne show. It is, I suppose, a better alternative to a full cancellation. You don’t want a show to go unfinished or a whole cast to go unemployed over the actions of one person. The latest show to take this route is the award-winning Amazon Prime series Transparent.

The show’s lead, Jeffrey Tambor, had won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of transgender character Maura Pfefferman. Tambor was fired in February of 2018 after actors Van Barnes and Trace Lysette accused him of sexual harassment on set a few months before. Tambor denies the claims and has said he sees no way to return to the show.

Transparent has gone and filmed one final episode of the show for its finale. It will be a musical. The trailer for it starts with a phone call stating that Tambor’s character has passed away.

The musical finale of Transparent airs this fall, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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