What’s up with Marvel’s Loki series?

Some information on the new Disney+ television show Loki has been floating around for the past few days. Reportedly the show will be set in the year 1975. Loki is a god, much like his brother, which means he would believably be the same age back then. A still-shot showing Loki walking down a busy street has also been making the rounds on the internet. It shows bystanders in typical 70’s garb with a giant movie marquee in the background for the Steven Spielberg classic Jaws. I don’t know the aging process of gods in the MCU, but Thor makes it clear how long he has been alive in Avengers: Infinity War while talking to Rocket.

While many think this solidifies that the show is a prequel, there is still a chance that Loki is traveling through space and time with the Tesseract. Although that does seem a bit unlikely, I think a time traveling Loki would make for a great show. Imagine a show like DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with the singular focus being on Loki. It could be a mix of that and Quantum Leap as he meets new people and has an effect on their lives in some way. If the show is in fact a prequel, I think they are missing out on the more complex angle of Loki as he grew into more of a struggle between his darkness and his love for his mother and brother. I think there is a better opportunity to have a story about a man who is just a few breaking points from letting his humanity and tenderness take over.

Kevin Feige has said that Phase 4 will not be linear in release. The rumored Black Widow film is reportedly a prequel, as well as The Eternals. I think the new plan is to give these creators a bit more elbow room so not everyone has to fit their story into a “Thanos box” for future crossovers. It is assumed that more info will come with D23 and various comic-cons. Until then, we look forward to more updates on everyone’s favorite God of Mischief.

Would you prefer a prequel or sequel series? Will Loki ever return to the MCU films?

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