Frozen 2 takes the journey beyond Arendelle

Disney’s new animated movie Frozen 2 is on its way. It will be a sequel to the smash-hit film that had every young child belting “Let It Go” in the backseat of the their parent’s car. Check it out:

The trailer does not give much in the way of details. We here a voiceover, from the leader of the trolls, telling Ana that the past may not be what it seems. It can be assumed the movie will deal with the origin of Elsa’s powers and will give birth to a new threat that will, this time, be one of supernatural proportion.

The story seems to take Elsa away from Arendale on a search for answers. Ana and the rest of the gang, including Olaf and Kristoff, will be following and looking after her. We see some new magic, ice unicorns, fire and giants in the trailer, as well. The movie will, no doubt, show us more about the surrounding world of Frozen.

The film is set to release this November.

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