Swamp Thing cancelled after just 2 episodes

Despite some good reviews and marginal success, the DC Universe show Swamp Thing has been officially cancelled. Much to the confusion of the cast and crew, the show was only two episodes into its first season and had a three season story arc planned. Its first season order was cut from thirteen episodes to ten and will be ending there.

Actors and crew members, including producer James Wan, have reached out to fans stating they are not exactly sure why this is happening and think WB is making a big mistake.

There were a few rumors going around as to why the show was cut so short out of nowhere. One rumor is that there was an accounting issue with their budget that cut the show’s backing from 40 million to just 14 million in North Carolina. Another theory was that with the talks of Warner Bros. creating their own streaming service, in competition with Disney+, Swamp Thing is just the first of many DC Universe shows that will be cancelled to avoid WB competing with itself in the streaming wars. A statement did, in fact, release stating that DC Universe is being re-evaluated after the acquisition of AT&T. The theory suggests that shows like Titans, Doom Patrol and Young Justice will be next on the chopping block. The outcome would be similar to the Marvel Netflix shows being axed for the start of Disney+.

Maybe the show just underperformed a bit, there’s a possibility that they had projected more of a smash in ratings with the ever-present battle for content against Marvel. Another reason could simply be issues behind the scenes with production and creative differences. All of that said, Swamp Thing will come to a close this year. The first season will still be releasing weekly, so support these last few episodes in honor of the Swamp.

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