3 casual shows to unwind to on Netflix

There are so many dramas and serious shows that require your full attention nowadays. There are shows you need to catch up on and shows that become a chore to watch after a while. Luckily, Netflix will occasionally float some casual television our way. For something that you can relax and enjoy while possibly multi-tasking, check these three shows out:

The Chef Show

If you’ve seen the movie Chef then you know that aside from being a formidable director and a comedic actor, Jon Favreau is a passionate amateur chef. Over the past few years, Favreau has been recording cooking sessions with professional chefs and famous celebrities. We now get to see great food get made with some unfiltered opinions and honest home-cooked feedback.

Dark Tourist

Dark Tourist is a docu-series where David Farrier (Tickled and The Cryptid Factor podcast) travels to some of the world’s most dark and wicked tourist attractions. Many people have a fascination with creepy legends, weird experiences and freaky folk-tales. Farrier goes to strange and unusual places to see what all the fuss is about.

Trigger Warning with Killer Mike

Southern Hip Hop legend and skilled emcee, Killer Mike, has recently risen to the limelight. The combined force of his musical resurgence as one half on Run The Jewels and his political presence in the campaign of Bernie Sanders has kept the world watching his many ventures. The latest being his very own Netflix series. Killer Mike tackles some of the many issues in today’s “woke” and over-sensitive society. Topics like racism, religion, education and minority owned businesses are broken down and experimented on in this short series.

There are so many things to watch these days, but if you want to just relax and learn a thing or two without stressing about what your favorite character is going to do next, give these recommendations a whirl. You won’t regret it.

What other shows do you watch to unwind?

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