Amazon’s incredible new animated series ‘Undone’ is on its way

Amazon Prime Video has ordered a series that is fully rotoscoped and animated. It is their first adult animated show and comes from the creators of Bojack Horseman. Here is a teaser:

The show has an incredibly innovative look akin to rotoscope style filmmaking like in A Scanner Darkly. The visuals mimic the art aesthetic of surrealism and has our main character, Alma, living in a real-life Salvador Dali painting.

Alma was in a car accident that nearly killed her. Since then, she has been experiencing some very trippy things. Her mind can take her to incredible places, but she is worried she’s gone crazy. She hasn’t. For some reason, she has developed a new relationship with time.

The cast, so far, includes Rosa Salazar, Bob Odenkirk, Constance Marie and Angelique Cabral. The show looks like nothing else available on these many streaming services and is an expensive and risky play on Amazon’s part. Hopefully, the artsy show will be a success.

Undone has not been given a release date, but will be available on Prime Video soon.

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