Will ‘Doctor Sleep’ shine as bright as its classic prequel?

The year of Stephen King continues with the trailer release of Doctor Sleep. It is the sequel to King’s classic novel and Stanley Kubrik’s classic film The Shining. Check it out here:

Doctor Sleep seems to be diving more into the concept of “Shining” and the supernatural abilities of those it affects. Ewan McGregor plays the lead role, Dan Torrance. You may recognize the name as the little boy from The Shining. Being all grown up, he’s still haunted with dreams and memories of the things he has seen in the past.

Torrance meets a young girl who can do the things he can do. The girl, played by Kyliegh Curran, has powers and is targeted by a strange cult that goes after supernaturally gifted children. They are called The True Knot. They believe these kids are the key to their immortality. Other cast members include Rebecca Ferguson and child star Jacob Tremblay.

Stephen King’s novels have been in a resurgence with the plethora of films and shows based on his writing in the last few years. Doctor Sleep is on-deck and will hopefully be one of the upticks in an otherwise hit-or-miss family. The film’s chances are high, though, with director Mike Flanagan at the helm. Flanagan also adapted the screenplay. This is not Flanagan’s first Stephen King project; he wrote and directed the Netflix film Gerald’s Game. In keeping with his horror expertise, he was also the show-runner for the Netflix original series The Haunting of Hill House.

Doctor Sleep will hit theaters this November.

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