Pennyworth: DC’s latest show that isn’t quite Batman

The EPIX original series Pennyworth begins next month. DC has released the final look at the project below:

The show will be the fourth recent television show to operate on the periphery of Batman. The first was Gotham, a show that contained Bruce as a minor character to a promising procedural taking place in Gotham City. The show later took a downward trajectory into just being a show about Bruce and all of his villains as children. The next was DC Universe’s Titans. A show about Dick Grayson’s life after leaving Batman’s side to join the police. The most recent, of course, is CW’s Batwoman. The show utilizes Bruce’s name, tower, gear and costume while keeping the focus on Ruby Rose’s character.

This begs the question, do we really need another show that is almost about Batman? Would people be thrilled if Marvel put out an Uncle Ben show? Despite the puzzling decision to create such a show, Pennyworth actually looks like a rather entertaining action thriller. Alfred is in full fighter-mode, using his military experience and his quick combat skills to assist and protect a young Thomas Wayne. The show will most likely have a short shelf-life, but the content looks rather grounded and interesting.

I can’t help but think the show would be more appealing had it been just a new IP unrelated to Alfred Pennyworth, but name recognition is everything these days. Pennyworth will air on EPIX starting July 28th.

Will you be watching another Batman spin-off?

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