5 Can’t Miss Movies and TV Shows – Week of June 17th

Here on Binge Sequence we will be giving a weekly updated list of titles that should be prioritized. A top 5 of sorts. The purpose of the list is to steer each other in the right direction.

Week of June 17th – What to Watch:


Idris Elba directs this crime drama based on a British novel. The film came out in UK theaters late last year and will now get a wide release as an Amazon Prime original movie. Watch a young man navigate life in Kingston under the rule of the drug lord King Fox.

Toy Story 4

Disney and Pixar bring us the fourth installment in everyone’s favorite childhood movie franchise. Buzz and Woody are on a quest to protect Forky, a homemade toy who gets lost in this big and crazy world. To infinity and beyond!

Child’s Play

Mark Hamill is Chucky, the demonic doll with a taste for blood, in the new Child’s Play reboot. Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry star alongside the plastic menace. What do you do when your best buddy is gonna kill you?


Zachary Quinto embodies Charlie Minx, a deranged weirdo on a mission to kidnap children to inhabit his secret Christmas Land. Neighborhood teen Vic McQueen is the only one that can stop him. AMC’s new series continues this week.

Always Amazing

Always Amazing is a documentary about The Amazing Jonathan, a formidable magician and stand-up comedian who captured the hearts of audience members and legendary magicians alike. The movie follows his relationship with fan turned friend and business partner, Joel Ozborn. Learn the intricacies of their friendship as The Amazing Jonathan faced career highs and life hazardous lows. The documentary is available now on the All Things Comedy YouTube channel.

What else are you watching this week?

Movies, Shows and other must watch items can stay on the list for up to 4 weeks! Other titles may just appear for a week or two! Thanks for stopping by and remember add your recommendations in the comments below and subscribe to Binge Sequence to see what makes next week’s must watch list. 

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