Here’s why you should be excited about Amazon’s ‘The Boys’

Amazon Prime is releasing a new series titled The Boys. It is based on the Garth Ennis comic book series of the same name about a group of all-powerful superheroes that are closer to celebrity douchebags than saviors of humanity:


A group of “superheroes” have so much power that it has driven them to live debaucherous lifestyles of sex, drugs, money and plain recklessness. Innocent lives have been lost in the wake of their insolence. A crew of lower level vigilantes plan to band together and take them down for the good of the people.


Karl Urban leads the street level team. The cast also includes the likes of Elizabeth Shue, Haley Joel Osment, Jennifer Esposito and Karen Fukuhara from DC’s Suicide Squad. Actors like Chace Crawford and Jessie T. Usher will be playing the untrustworthy enhanced characters at the top of the totem pole.


Two thirds of the show’s creators is the dynamic duo behind the AMC show Preacher, that is also based on the works of comic writer Garth Ennis. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan started out as a comedy writing duo and have slowly transitioned into adapting the works of their favorite comic stories. The third show-runner is lead Supernatural writer Eric Kripke.


Goldberg and Rogan had initially planned to direct the show’s pilot, but after scheduling conflicts the job went to Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane and Black Mirror). Original writer Garth Ennis also assisted the writing team for show.


The Boys will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting July 26th of this year.

What other unlikely comic books would you like to see adapted into a series?

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