Marvel’s Twitter continues the countdown to mysterious Spider-Man release

A while back, Marvel’s official Twitter released a promo poster of the number 4, stylized in a spiderweb. The poster sparked the conversation amongst hopeful fans that we were somehow either getting the fourth installment of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man or a project crossing-over between Spidey and the Fantastic Four:

Neither seems likely, however, seeing as Marvel released a second poster the following day. It featured a number 3, stylized in the same manner. Needless to say, people were upset. Honestly, who starts a countdown at four?

Either way, it has been confirmed to be a countdown. No word is out on what exactly will be released on Day 0, but it is presumably something regarding a comic book release (as the hashtag would suggest) or Spider-Man: Far From Home. Nothing is for certain at the moment.

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