Zack Snyder releases Darkseid images from his cut of ‘Justice League’

On Father’s Day, director Zack Snyder took to the social media app Vero and shared two images from his original cut of the movie Justice League. This first is an image of Darkseid surrounded by his many ships and machines. The second is a shot of Cyborg actor Ray Fisher looking back at an image of himself alongside his mother and father.

The images suggest that at least a considerably amount of footage from the Snyder cut of the film, before the Joss Whedon reshoots, is still lingering around the WB office. There have been many online petitions and fundraisers by fans who wish the company would release the film’s original cut as the director had intended.

Through some fan interaction in the comments, Snyder also revealed that the Darkseid scene was a flashback to a younger Darkseid fighting with Ares in a war. The actor he was planning to use in the movie to voice the tyrant was Ray Porter. Porter is an actor with credits for a few films including Argo and Finally Famous. Whether or not the director’s cut ever gets released, it remains that Snyder still has an adoration for the project. Maybe they can just release it on DC Universe before that whole app goes belly up.

Did you enjoy Justice League? Who you pay to go see the Zack Snyder cut in theaters?

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