Glow, Veronica Mars and Orange Is The New Black make their returns

There are lots of beloved shows coming back these next few months, here are a few of the upcoming ones exclusive to Netflix and Hulu:


The Netflix Original series about the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling will be releasing its third season this Fall. The ladies are in Las Vegas putting on shows for casino and show-goers. Our performers deal with the many pitfalls of a nightly performance schedule that is taking its toll on their friendships, relationships and personal struggles. Alison Brie (Community) and the ladies bring back that flare and magical aggression with the support of their business handler, played by comedian Marc Maron. GLOW returns August 9th on Netflix.

Veronica Mars

After 12 long years of absence, the cancelled cult hit TV show Veronica Mars returns as a mini-series. Kristen Bell reprises her role as the young private investigator who is back to solve yet another mystery. After returning to her hometown, a series of bombings has Mars working to protect her friends and family from a potentially life-threatening situation. Veronica Mars returns July 26th as a Hulu Original.

Orange Is The New Black

The award-winning prison drama, that kicked of Netflix’s reign of content back in 2013, returns for its seventh and final season. Not many details are out about the season aside from its teaser in which the stars of the show are seen working on-set while humming the show’s catchy theme song. Orange Is The New Black returns for the last time this July 26th, exclusively on Netflix.

What other returning shows are you excited for?

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