Netflix’s ‘Criminal’ series unveils its cast

Netflix released a short teaser for its upcoming series Criminal. The teaser showcases the subjects of each of its 12 episodes:

Criminal is an upcoming crime anthology series about twelve unique crimes involving twelve unique people. The show will span locations like the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain. The show’s tagline “Step Into The Interrogation Room” implies that it may be an analysis of the crime and criminal after the act is committed. The show will tell the story while a person of interest is being questioned. That may be a more interesting take than just twelve episodes of a homicide procedural.

The figurehead of the teaser is none other than British actor David Tennant. Tennant is a powerhouse in the acting community and is known for compelling roles like The Doctor in Dr. Who and Kilgrave in Jessica Jones. Another recognizable face is British actor Hayley Atwell, mostly known for playing Agent Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Criminal releases this fall as a Netflix Original Series.

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