Binge Sequence Fan-Casting: Justice League Dark

Had Guillermo del Toro been able to move forward with his plan to direct Justice League Dark, we would have gotten something truly special. A superhero team up of unique skill, appearance and not necessarily “heroic” sensibility in nature. Here is some of my fan-casting on the movie we never got to see.

John Constantine

I’m a huge fan of Matt Ryan’s portrayal of John Constantine in the NBC and CW shows of Constantine, Arrow and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. I think that whoever is casted in the film version of that role needs to bring something very different to the table. My vote goes to British actor Idris Elba. Elba will be in James Gunn’s new DC film The Suicide Squad, but had they held off we could have seen an older, more fed up John Constantine who still has his sharp whit buried beneath the scars and storms he has had to weather.


If you’ve ever seen The Crown, you’re familiar with the star of the first two seasons. Claire Foy has shown that she handles the emotional and dramatic elements of acting better than most. She recently had the opportunity to flex some action chops in The Girl In The Spider’s Web. Foy can bring some actual depth to the character without her just being the optimistic, magical counterpart to Constantine.

Swamp Thing

With the recent cancellation of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing, this would’ve been a great time to add Ol’ Swampy to all of the big screen fun. Being that Swamp Thing is a giant tree man, I say you get the biggest and bulkiest dude you can find for the costume and hire a prominent actor to voice the character, much like Groot and Rocket from Guardians Of The Galaxy. My pick would be the golden voice of Keith David. He could bring a truly deep gravitas to the character, much like he did for Spawn in the HBO series.

Black Orchid

For Orchid, you need an actress that captures the unique qualities of her character. She is strange and mystical in nature; she has the ability to become plant-like. Imagine Poison Ivy with more attachment to the dark arts and spirits. For this role I cast the very unique Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey. She is a French-Spanish actress most known for playing roles of an eccentric ilk. She was the mage in King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword and the young mermaid who falls in love with a priest in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

If you had the chance to cast your own Justice League Dark, who would you pick?

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