Have we gotten a glimpse of the villain for ‘Black Widow?’

The on-and-off news about the solo Black Widow film has been floating around the internet. Set photos from the movie, that is currently filming, have hit the web showing a character in a full armor suit with a hood.

The general consensus is that the outfit resembles that of the Taskmaster, the villain who is featured in Marvel’s Avengers A-Day game trailer. While the character has not yet been confirmed, the current cast includes the likes of David Harbour (Stranger Things) and O-T Fagbenle (The Handmaid’s Tale). Either of which can possibly be underneath the mask, however, early reports did refer to Fagbenle as being cast as a villain. 

Other cast members include Ray Winestone, Rachel Weisz and Florence Pugh. Pugh can also be seen in some of the set photos, joining Natasha on her adventures. Many believe she is playing Yelena Belova, Marvel’s other Black Widow. In the comics, Yelena is another, younger, Widow also trained in the Red Room. If this is true, it opens up the use of a second Widow of the younger variety to join Peter and the younger Avengers in future endeavors.

There is no release date for Black Widow as of yet.

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