Ian McKellen And Helen Mirren join forces for ‘The Good Liar’

Warner Bros. Pictures released the trailer for The Good Liar and it looks to be an interesting tale of online dating, lies and deception:

Ian McKellen plays a con man named Roy who targets women on what basically looks like a posh O.K. Cupid called Distinction Dating. He finds a woman named Estelle, played by Helen Mirren, who agrees to a dinner date. He plans to seduce and rob the woman for everything she has, as he explains to his confidant (Jim Carter). Estelle’s son, played by Russell Tovey, urges his mother to be careful with meeting people online as they may not be who they say. Roy seems to have quite the past. He also seems to still be involved in some very shady operations. 

Director Bill Condon was at the helm of this film, he is known for directing period dramas such as Dreamgirls, Kinsey and the most recent live-action adaptation of Beauty And The Beast. This will not be his first time working with McKellen as he also directed the 2015 film Mr. Holmes. The film is based on the novel by Nicholas Searle, but adapted to screenplay by Jeffrey Hatcher. Hatcher also wrote the screenplay for Mr. Holmes

The movie looks like a great change of pace from the common “young and good looking thirty-something” dramas of today. To have two actors with the experience and veteran status of McKellen and Mirren be involved in such a seductive, crime story is remarkable. I hope the film carries the classy yet calculated mystique of Ocean’s 11 meets Catch Me If You Can.

The Good Liar, a Rated R romp of romance and crime, hits theaters this November 15th.

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