Elizabeth Banks directs new ‘Charlie’s Angels’ reboot

Many remember the silly action adventure of 2000 that was Charlie’s Angels. While the film is hard to forget, it was not the most popular with critics. Luckily for fans of the 1970’s series, actor Elizabeth Banks wrote, directed and starred in a reboot of the property and the trailer has arrived:

The film seems recognizable enough with the agency being in place at the start. This time, the story is based around a new recruit that is unfamiliar with the spy life and the two agents that will help her get there. Ella Balinska and Kristin Stewart play two decorated spy assassins, already well-versed in the job. Their handler, Bosley, has many faces. If not Sir Patrick Stewart or the great Djimon Hounsou, it is the film’s writer and director Elizabeth Banks.

The centric character of the film is played by actress Naomi Scott, who seems to be carving out her own piece of Hollywood these past few years. The TV star’s big break was playing Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, in 2017’s Power Rangers reboot. This is no doubt where she became acquainted with Banks, who played Rita Repulsa. Most recently, though, you may recognize her as Princess Jasmine in the recent Disney live-action film Aladdin.

The film looks straight forward enough, a fast-paced action comedy that blends a fish-out-of-water plot with some impressive set pieces. In the Golden Age on lackluster reboots like Ghostbusters, The Mummy and Men In Black: International, we can only hope the film relies on more than dry humor and nostalgic call backs.

Despite the pitfalls of this format, recently, we can hope for the best and try to figure out who the new Charlie is. Charlie’s Angels hits theaters this November.

What older property would you like to see rebooted?

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