Endgame re-release leaves bad taste in the mouth of fans

Now that the Avengers: Endgame re-release with bonus footage has come and gone, many have seen it and felt negatively about its release. It was announced a while back that unreleased footage would be added to the film, however, this was not done in typical Director’s Cut fashion. The film was indeed the same film from start to finish. After that there was a short montage and clip about the effect Stan Lee has had on the world and comic book community followed by only one very short deleted scene.

The scene was presumably the original introduction to the new Hulk. It showed Hulk saving civilians from a disaster alongside long time movie cop Reginald VelJohnson. Hulk then gets the call from Cap about rebuilding the team and responds with “Steve who?” It just seems bizarre to include this one scene only and re-release the film as if we were getting some crazy extended cut of the movie. Many think there was pressure on the studio to release this version of the film in an effort to outdo the box office numbers for Avatar. That reasoning, though, seems strange since they are both under the Disney umbrella. Others just think it was a weirdly executed cash-grab. Whatever the answer may be, they should have probably finished the CGI on the Hulk before releasing it. His mouth doesn’t even move in the dialogue moments.

What do you think the motivation was behind this re-release?

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