‘Knives Out’ is Rian Johnson’s star-studded murder mystery

Lionsgate released the trailer for the upcoming Clue-style crime drama Knives Out. Check it out below:

The film is written and directed by Rian Johnson, the man who went from being famous for Looper to infamous for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Johnson brings us a classic “death at a dinner party” scenario that looks like something akin to a Tarantino flick.

The film is based around a birthday party for a wealthy old man, during which he meets his untimely demise. A detective, played by Atlanta star Lakeith Stanfield, brings all of the houseguests back to the scene of the crime to figure out just what happened. The cast includes powerhouses like Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Don Johnson and Jamie Lee Curtis just to name a few.

Knives Out, a comedic and cold whodunnit, hits theaters this November 27th.

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