‘The King’s Man’ takes Kingsman franchise back to humble beginnings

The Kingsman franchise is one of excitement and insane gadgetry. It mixes the spy and espionage style of 007 with the outrageous and wacky style of Kick-Ass. After two films following young Eggsy and the gang, director Matthew Vaughn brings you a prequel of the agency and how they got their foot in the door in the face of war and destruction:

The film’s student and master roles will be filled by Ralph Fiennes and Harris Dickinson as the two race against the clock to prevent a war that may be the end of millions. They are joined by the likes of Djimon Hounsou, Stanley Tucci, Gemma Arterton, Daniel Brühl and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The film should be an interesting change of pace as well as a step back to the basics of what made the first film so special. While thoroughly entertaining, the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle took some heat from critics for its level of outrageous antics and story.

The King’s Man hits theaters February 14th, 2020.

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