What to expect from Marvel’s SDCC presentation

San Diego Comic Con is upon us and Marvel takes center stage this Saturday on the 20th. Marvel has publicized its release dates for the next eight films. Here are some of the movie reveals you should be expecting:

Black Widow

Set photos have already shown Natasha Romanoff on some throwback adventures. We already know a few of the cast members as well as the director and writer on the project. I think we can expect to see a trailer and release date for the film as well as getting a more official title than just Black Widow. It will be interesting to see them implement a prequel film that will not directly impact the MCU’s future, seeing as Natasha has passed. Chances are, though, the younger girl we see in the set photos will become Red Widow and will join Peter and the New Avengers later on down the line.


The film has reportedly started pre-production and will begin filming in Australia soon. I think it is safe to assume we will learn about the director, writers and star of the upcoming Shang-Chi movie. Rumors state that this may be the film that properly delivers the actual Mandarin and the 10 Rings. Other rumors and wishful predictors hope for Namor the Submariner.

The Eternals

The Eternals is far along enough in casting that it can be assumed some costume photos, concept art and even character pictures will be unveiled. It is safe to say that Kevin Feige will breakdown the timeframe and story of what to expect in this cosmic epic. We can get some clarity on how Angelina Jolie and the gang will impact the future of Marvel.

Doctor Strange 2

We will most likely get a bit of information on the second Doctor Strange film with a returning Benedict Cumberbatch and Scott Derrickson. It has not yet been made clear whether or not other characters will be returning, although I think it’s safe to say Benedict Wong and Chiwetel Ejiofor will be back to finish up the lingering narrative of Mordo crossing off his list of “too many sorcerers.”

Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 3

Hopefully we get more than just a logo for this one. Maybe they can shine some light on where the story will go now that Thor is onboard and the new (or technically old) Gamora is in the wind. It will be interesting to see such a dramatic shift in character chemistry with the roster shake-up this team has faced after the Snap.

Black Panther 2

It will be nice to get more than just confirmation on the sequel to probably one of the biggest smash hits of the last Phase of the MCU. At the very least, I believe we will get a subtitle for the project. It will probably center around T’Challa’s new embassies. Maybe some other entity plans to thwart his efforts or steal the Vibranium technology. I’d love to see Daniel Kaluuya return as the villain. It will just feel a bit more earned than a brand new threat. At the very least, I hope we see his character again in some capacity. It felt like some of his story may have been cut for time in Black Panther.

Thor 4

The title will likely be The Mighty Thor and while it will include Chris Hemsworth, I have to believe it will be a passing of the torch to Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie. They made it a whole thing in Avengers: Endgame about him telling her to be the leader of New Asgard. Granted, they may not have really known they were gonna do another Thor by then. I assume the push back of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 led to some last minute changes in their plan. It could also just be a story about Thor on another lone adventure, separate from all of the New Asgard stuff. That way, if they wanted to revisit Valkyrie and give her a film they can do so. Taika Waititi is reportedly back on the project to write and direct, as well.

Ant Man 3

The eighth and final film has been a mystery for a while. There hasn’t been any reports of the project being a newer addition to the fold, so we can assume it will be another sequel. Hulk is likely not getting another solo film, Thor 4 is underway and both Tony and Cap are gone. With Strange and T’Challa getting their sequels and it being too soon to see another Captain Marvel, it can be assumed that a 2022 release will most likely be the third and final Ant Man & The Wasp film. It will most likely focus on the lost time between Scott and his now grown-up daughter Cassie. To keep it scientific, maybe Radioactive Man would be a good villain choice.

*The New Avengers

So, I’m about 80% positive that we will NOT be getting an Avengers announcement. That being said, what an incredible way to get the Marvel brand buzz back up? Imagine the eighth film is actually the first of our next Avengers films. It can be another Civil War style story. Maybe the figure heads this time around can be Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel. In the Civil War comic, the public reveal of Peter Parker as Spider-Man was a big piece of the story. In the aftermath of Spider-Man: Far From Home and its shocking after credits scene, maybe they can spin that into a similar conflict among the Avengers. That being said, we will probably not get another Avengers film until Phase 5.

The Disney+ Shows

We will get some trailers and photos for the upcoming Disney+ shows like Loki, WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Soldier and the untitled Hawkeye project. While these are less exciting than the big film announcements, these shows are truly cannon to the MCU timeline and may even lead some of these characters back to the big screen later on down the line. I still want my Captain America 4 with Sam and Bucky both being wearing the costume on duo missions, Sam with his shield and Bucky with some military grade weapons.

What do you hope to see at Marvel’s SDCC panel?

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