Amazon releases trailers for ‘Carnival Row’ and season 2 of ‘Jack Ryan’

Carnival Row

This Labor Day weekend marks the release of the Amazon original Carnival Row. The show follows a detective (Orlando Bloom) who is investigating the serial murders of people in a fairytale based world of monsters, fairies and creatures. When a fairy (Cara Delevingne) is wrongfully accused, the two must join forces to find the real threat. The teaser promises action, sex, adventure, mystery and the ever-present issue of classism.

Carnival Row will be available on Amazon Prime Video this August 30th.

Jack Ryan

After a successful first season, Amazon returns with the second season of agent Jack Ryan and his many adventures. Based on the novels of Tom Clancy, the property has seen success as a film franchise up until the Chris Pine reboot of 2014. The story was converted into a series starring newly appreciated action star John Krasinski.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan returns later this year, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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