Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ promises monsters, money and magic

Netflix’s next big budget venture comes in the form of the video game and novel based television series The Witcher. Watch the teaser to get a glimpse of Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the monster hunter Geralt:

The Witcher has been talked about for the past few years. It looks to be the next big property for Netflix and carries along with a hefty filming budget to pepper in magic and great-sized monsters. Netflix seems to be aiming for the lost and wandering Game Of Thrones audience in need of more sword and sorcery.

Cavill did all of his own stunts and fighting on the show as he wished to truly embody Geralt in every way. He even received praise from Game Of Thrones stunt coordinator and Knight King actor Vladimir Furdik. In preparation, Cavill read all of the novels and played all of the video games as homework for the role.

The show’s first season is slated for a quarter four release in 2019 and will be available only on Netflix.

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